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Black Basic Heart Nippies - Nipple Pasty

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Highlight your natural curves with this classy favorite! Sexy and simple, nippies® pasty define the versatility of our Basics line. From formal gowns to costumes to Valentines Day, wear your heart on your chest – where it’s supposed to be.
Discover the most comfortable and longest lasting brand of pasties out there. Made in the USA!
nippies® – stick with the Original
BEST FOR see-through tops • little black dresses • formal events • dimly-lit/low visibility venues • lingerie/swimsuit mix & match • valentines

• The only nipple covers made from real lingerie fabrics
• STRETCHY and form-fitting for wrinkle-free coverage and painless removal
• Split backing for easy self-application
• Leaves no residue behind. Comes off clean!
• Waterproof and sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic adhesive
• Wear 6-8 hours max

Size & Fit
Whether your cups are copious or petite, it's all about how flashy you’re feeling. Use your cup size as a general reference and keep your nipple size in mind (nippies® cross shapes cover less in the center). Apply to clean, dry skin.
Insider’s tip: The larger size can give the twins a little lift. First, apply the bottom half of the nippie to the lower half of the breast, then gently lift before sticking the top half. Ta-da! Things should be looking up.
• The B heart measures 2.75"×2.5”
• The C heart measures 3.5"×3"

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